Shotcrete has an almost unlimited amount of uses. We have listed only a few. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a free quotation or proposal.

Faux Rock
Faux rock is sculpted, colored, and stained shotcrete that is     made to simulate the appearance of real rock. Faux rock can be used in many applications including retaining walls, water features, rock features, zoo habitats, and many others, residential and commercial. It is a good option for anywhere that a natural look is desired.

Retaining Walls
Most types of retaining walls such as; segmental block walls, MSE walls, concrete cantilever walls, rock walls etc., can be substituted with a shotcrete retaining wall. The shotcrete wall face can be made to match any traditional wall finish.

Retaining Wall Repairs

Existing retaining walls that are experiencing deterioration can easily be upgraded by applying a new layer of reinforced shotcrete. This saves the owner from the hassle of replacing the entire wall.

Soil Nail Walls
Soil nail walls, which are a type of earth shoring, require near horizontal soil anchors to be installed on a regular pattern and then tied to a reinforced shotcrete facing. The shoring assists during the excavation of a foundation or for other work that requires deeper excavations. The soil nail walls can easily be combined with architecturally pleasing finishes and become permanently exposed foundation walls or retaining walls.

Water Features/Swimming Pools
Shotcrete is very well suited for water features or pools. The variations are endless.   

Concrete Repairs/Restorations

Deteriorated concrete on concrete structures such as bridges, foundations and retaining walls can easily be removed and replaced with shotcrete without compromising the integrity of the structure. Often the shotcrete eliminates the need for any complicated forming as the shotcrete can be stacked and carved to any shape desired.

Seismic Upgrades/Shear Walls
Often shotcrete is used to strengthen existing older masonry and concrete walls for seismic upgrades. The shotcrete application does not require any forming and does not need to be poured from the floor above. This advantage saves a substantial amount of time and hassle.

Shotcrete Structures
Shotcrete can be a very cost-effective and practical alternative to the traditional tilt-up method of building concrete structures. Instead of pouring heavy concrete panels, needing a crane for lifting and heavy duty supports while erecting, we come in and set the foam panels by hand. Reinforcing is tied and then a thin layer of shotcrete is applied to both sides of the panel. This method is a substantial time savings as well as cost savings. In addition to the savings the wall demonstrates much better heat insulating characteristics than a traditional tilt-up panel.      
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Faux Rock Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

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