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Advanced Shotcrete Inc. is your best source for innovative shotcrete solutions as well as traditional shotcrete applications. Our goal is to broaden the uses of shotcrete and create construction solutions with a wide spectrum of applications.

Our company was originally formed by individuals specializing in different areas of shotcrete applications. Each had a vision of using shotcrete as an alternative to traditional vertical concrete and wanted to provide a more comprehensive selection of shotcrete services. By combining the experience of each owner, the company now offers expertise on even the most challenging projects.

We provide high quality products that look great and last a long time. Our unique shotcrete applications save both time and money for our clients. Our experienced team is motivated by challenging projects and guarantees a quality finished product.

We encourage you to contact us for more information on what we can do for your project. Most customers are surprised at the many uses and cost-saving benefits of shotcrete as an alternative to traditional forming and pouring of concrete.

Shotcrete mockups and samples are available for viewing at our office. Contact us to schedule a visit.